Ot Server List Roadmap

Roadmap - our plans for future

This is serious. We want to build the best place for players and servers owners that is not corrupted and not owned by a server owner.

We are experienced players and content creators. One of us is a reason for TFS moving forward, and one of us is an OTS enthusiast and a business owner. We mix our servers' list expectations and business experience to create a place where you will always find something exciting and fresh!

Below you can find a roadmap for the OT Server List project to know what is coming soon! We are so excited to share this list with you!


Not implemented;
In progress;

Pre-MVP Roadmap (1.0)

A secret algotithm for displaying servers;
OT Server List - displaying servers and their descriptions based on our algorithm;
Library section with Tibia Clients Tibia Clients Download, Tibia IP Changer, and Open Tibia Client;
Account creation;
Server adding procedure;

Post MVP Roadmap (2.0)

Account Management usability updates;
Voting on servers and algorithm update;
Claiming the Listed Server;
Homepage filters (User Experience Update);
Premium points system;
Highlighting server and algorithm changes;
Purchasable rotating banners on the website;
Purchasable Discord promotion;

Post MVP Roadmap (3.0)

Servers feedback - commenting system;
Adding server's badges (beta tests, pay-to-win, trusted...);
Premium points system update;
Purchasable server start countdown system;
Preparing market structure;
OT Client modules market;
Datapacks market;

Post MVP Roadmap (4.0)

Twitch broadcasters implementation;
Youtube creators implementation;
Free points system implementation;

Post MVP Roadmap (5.0)

Mobile layout implementation;