Ot Server List Algorithm

Algorithm - how do we rank your open tibia server

We are the first ot server list that has custom algorithm for displaying servers.

You can still filter them however you want, by player amount, tibia version, and hosting country. Still, to find the most exciting servers, we suggest using our custom algorithm, which is a default filtering option. How does the algorithm work, and what to do to make your server rank higher?

Below you can find some hints which might help improve your server's position in our listing.


Nice to have;

What to do to make your server rank higher?

Ranking points for server's description
Up to 100 points Present your server correctly, describe its features to sell it to players.
Your description length matters!*;
20 points Add a picture or pictures from your server;
Soon Add a video from your server;
Ranking points for active community
5 points per upvote Get upvotes from your players;
Doesn't matter Player online count;
Penalty possible Do not spoof amount of players online;
Ranking points from other sources
Soon Advertise your server with our premium features;
20 points Link back to our website from your homepage**;

Please keep in mind that your server ranking might change over time. This is because our algorithm will scan and rate your server repeatedly for the best user experience for the players.

* Be descriptive in writing about your server. However, do not artificially lengthen the description and do not try to spoof your description length. This might get your server banned from our list forever.

** Checked manually upon request.