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We are the fastest-growing supplemental OTS list on the internet. We are dedicated to providing our users with the best possible experience. We have a comprehensive database of open Tibia servers. We are constantly updating the list with the newest and greatest servers. Whether you are looking for a new home, or just curious about what's out there, The OTS List is the place to be.

Name Rank (?) Exp Type Protocol Players (?) Map Type Hosting Region
Armenia Ot Server Aurera 0 x5 PvP 11.00 1616 (2994) am
Canada Ot Server Kaldrox 100 x150 PvP 8.60 1539 (4256) Real-Customized ca
Sweden Ot Server Evolunia 120 x100 PvP custom 682 (985) Real se
Canada Ot Server Demolidores 52 x999 PvP 8.60 616 (1836) Real-Customized ca
Poland Ot Server Rexia 100 x9999 PvP 8.60 407 (1501) Custom pl
United States Ot Server Tibia Canob 120 x1000 PvP 8.60 394 (426) Real-Customized us
Brazil Ot Server Deletebra 135 x9999 PvP 8.60 336 (965) Real-Customized br
Brazil Ot Server HypeOT 12 x99999 PvP 8.60 302 (862) Custom br
United States Ot Server Tibiascape 100 x1 Custom 7.40 185 (531) Real-Customized us
Poland Ot Server Cyleria 8.60 125 x300 PvP 8.60 140 (651) Custom pl
France Ot Server NRTN 22 x15 PvP 8.54 134 (201) Real-Customized fr
Poland Ot Server 12 x15 PvPe 8.60 117 (180) Custom pl
Brazil Ot Server KelteraGlobal 12.86 100 x999 PvP 12.80 115 (127) Real br
Brazil Ot Server StyllerWAR 8.60 100 x100 PvP 8.60 111 (115) Custom br
United States Ot Server Dura Online 120 x1 PvP 7.40 87 (251) Real us
Canada Ot Server Molten OT 120 x200 PvP 12.80 75 (125) ca
Poland Ot Server Mazurski OTS 100 x150 PvP 7.60 48 (65) Custom pl
Germany Ot Server Everdale RPG 100 x1 PvP custom 40 (43) Custom de
Germany Ot Server Custom Hard Evo 100 x10 PvP custom 39 (66) Custom de
Canada Ot Server Blacktalon online 100 x20 PvP custom 34 (124) ca
Brazil Ot Server zimbaot 13 x80 PvP 8.60 20 (26) Real br
Brazil Ot Server Classic Extreme 7.6 100 x30 PvP 7.60 18 (140) br
Brazil Ot Server EXHIO 120 x1 Custom custom 10 (203) br
United States Ot Server Nostalther Retro 120 x4 PvP 7.70 10 (96) Real-Customized us
Brazil Ot Server YonabraOT 130 x800 PvP 12.80 10 (23) Real-Customized br
Poland Ot Server Rookgaard 57 x10 PvP 8.60 8 (57) Real-Customized pl
France Ot Server Ascarus 120 x30 PvP 8.60 6 (450) Real-Customized fr
Chile Ot Server wodbo afta 15 x999 PvPe 8.00 6 (9) Custom cl
Brazil Ot Server Global Ultra 100 x100 PvP 8.60 4 (785) Custom br
Canada Ot Server Ranger's Arcani PvP 120 x1 PvP custom 3 (165) ca
United States Ot Server Souls of Elysium 100 x1 PvP custom 3 (85) Real us
Poland Ot Server Altaron oPvP 102 x1 Custom custom 3 (3) Custom pl
Mexico Ot Server MapacheOT 125 x5 PvP 8.60 2 (9) Custom mx
Chile Ot Server GreedOT 11 x3 PvP custom 2 (41) Custom cl
Brazil Ot Server Pokemon Light 120 x15 Custom 8.54 2 (94) Custom br
Netherlands Ot Server Dolport Challenges 120 x2 PvP custom 1 (13) Custom nl
Poland Ot Server Evolaris 20 x100 PvP 8.60 1 (24) pl
France Ot Server Ranger's Arcani nPvP 125 x1 No PvP custom 1 (146) fr
Canada Ot Server Goblin's Baiak 100 x9999 PvP 8.60 1 (13) Custom ca
Lithuania Ot Server Tibia Lithuania Real 100 x10 PvP custom 1 (16) Real lt
Brazil Ot Server NLOST MUGEM 100 x1 PvPe custom 1 (43) Custom br
Sweden Ot Server Evolera Highexp 100 x9999 PvP 8.60 1 (27) Real se
Mexico Ot Server PAZZUR 10 12X 100 x50 PvP 10.00 0 (0) mx
France Ot Server Trollheim Online 100 x5 Custom custom 0 (7) Custom fr
Netherlands Ot Server VansOTS 100 x1 PvP 7.70 0 (7) nl
Armenia Ot Server Ramonia 4 x8 PvP 7.70 0 (0) am
Poland Ot Server Eloria 15 x15 PvP 12.80 0 (4) pl
Brazil Ot Server Draky OT 62 x20 PvP 12.80 0 (3) br
Poland Ot Server Altaron PvP 102 x1 PvP custom 0 (0) Custom pl
Poland Ot Server Daxonia 120 x1 PvP 8.60 0 (0) Custom pl
France Ot Server AcidsOT 8.6 105 x20 PvP 8.60 0 (45) Custom fr
Brazil Ot Server 100 x100 No PvP 12.80 0 (0) Real br
Mexico Ot Server zanera 100 x100 PvP 12.70 0 (0) Real mx
Brazil Ot Server Amera Global 120 x100 PvP 12.80 0 (0) Real br
Netherlands Ot Server Lubuski [05.08} 120 x500 PvP 7.60 0 (63) Custom nl
Brazil Ot Server TENEBRA GLOBAL 7 x50 PvP 12.80 0 (0) Real br
Netherlands Ot Server Fanatic Realera 100 x12 PvPe 8.00 0 (0) Real-Customized nl
Netherlands Ot Server BAIAK ILUSION 100 x400 PvP 8.60 0 (0) Custom nl
Brazil Ot Server Safebra 100 x100 No PvP 12.80 0 (0) Real br
Germany Ot Server Calmera 100 x400 No PvP 12.80 0 (0) Custom de
Sweden Ot Server Therran 100 x3 PvP custom 0 (0) Custom se
Brazil Ot Server KRIOK Global 100 x150 PvP 8.60 0 (17) Real br
Poland Ot Server Sormania RPG 2022 100 x6 PvP custom 0 (35) Custom pl
Poland Ot Server YurOTS 7.6 21 x20 PvPe 7.60 0 (0) Custom pl
Brazil Ot Server BAIAK ANTIGO 13 x999 PvP 8.60 0 (0) Real-Customized br
OT Serv List

Question Icon What is an OTS?

Open Tibia (abbreviated as OT) is an open-source role-playing game that allows people to create their own servers for the public to play. They may have unique content, brand-new maps, special features or even custom skill/level rates different from those in the original Tibia. Along with Open Tibia comes an Open Tibia community formed by players just like you who want to create something of their own. People within this community help each other, provide tutorials, and contribute to the development of new and improved servers, among other things. Open Tibia (Servers), often abbreviated as OT or OTS, are Tibia game servers not hosted by CipSoft GmbH and are using open source technology created from scratch. They are illegal by the rules of Tibia, and connecting to them using Cipsoft's Tibia client is illegal by law. However, the Open Tibia servers can be legally used.

Question Icon How does it work?

To connect with the Open Tibia server, you can often use the official Tibia Client. Although you need to change the IP Address to which you connect, some Open Tibia servers have custom clients to connect with. This is because your client must connect to the OT server and not to the official game server. There is software available to do this. Open Tibia servers have often a changed game mechanism with different loot rates (items are dropped more or less frequently), different experience rates (you gain your next level faster or slower), different skill rates (you gain higher skills faster or slower), custom NPC's, monsters, quests and so on. Some OTSs are even completely changing the gameplay. Mostly the map is also different from the usual tibia map, mostly smaller (but some maps are bigger than Cipsoft's one). Often the OTS owner offers premium accounts, items and other advantages for sale for real-life money.

Question Icon What was the origin of Open Tibia Servers?

It started out as a fun project out of, with Tliff being in the lead of it. OTs slowly evolved from there, small square PVP maps with no exhaust system etc. It slowly grew more and more with better systems, some basic quests on the PVP servers etc. At some point, people started making bigger, better maps and actual accounts to progress on. Some 7.4 servers were quite serious, such as the world of the last war with really decent maps and lore. Real maps also started growing back then, with people mapping their own copies. Slightly later, there were trackers where you walked around in-game to track the map and copy it for your OT server. Even later than that came the leaked files from 7.72. After the team on, there came a bunch of other teams making large-scale distributions of their versions. The most famous ones are YurOTS and The Forgotten server (TFS). YurOTS was as early as 7.1 and started waning off around version 8. TFS then took over as the main distro for widespread use. This is just a very short explanation and surely lacks a lot of reservations for inaccuracies as this was written purely from memory in a couple of minutes.

Question Icon How to add your server to our OTS list?

To add your Open Tibia Server to our OT Server List, you must create a free account first. Then you will see the "Add Server" button in the "Account" section. Adding your server is simple. Prepare a good description for our visitors so they will become your players! Remember that good server advertising is not easy and crucial for your server's success.

Question Icon Is adding a server to the list free?

Adding the server to our ot serv list is completely free. It does not matter how many players you have. We display all servers for the best players' experience.

Question Icon How do I find the best ot serv?

Our website has advanced filters that allow you to filter the list according to your needs so that finding the perfect server is easier. You can filter our list by open tibia protocol, server difficulty, map type, or hosting region.

Question Icon How can I contact you?

The easiest way to contact us is to use our Tibia Discord. We have special channels to talk with our users there. We love to hear your feedback and ideas and solve problems you might face with your OT.

Question Icon How to start an open tibia server?

To start your open tibia server you need an engine, database and client. Read more on how to start the open tibia server.

Question Icon Does tibia have an open source?

Tibia was not built as an open-source project. However, it was hacked back in 2006 by Toor, aka Dennis. It gave OT servers a great chance to build their servers on top of the stolen files. Nowadays, you can use an open source server (TFS) and open source client (Open Tibia Client or OTCv8) to build your own 2D MMO RPG game and server.