Open Tibia Client

Open Tibia Client Open Tibia Client supporting all Tibia protocols Download
Open Tibia Client Clean Open Tibia Client (You have to download tibia.dat and .spr separatly) Download

How Open Tibia Client works?

Open Tibia Client is a special, open-source and community built program created by Open Tibia Community that allows you to connect to Open Tibia Servers on any protocol. Open Tibia Client (OTC) supports protocols from 7.4 up to the newest client available.

From our OTS List website, you can download OTC in two variants:

  • First variant has all Tibia protocols set up, so it’s as simple as downloading and playing any server you want;
  • Second variant needs tibia.dat and tibia.spr of the protocol you aim to play in data/things/”clientversion”, so for example: data/things/76
Open Tibia Client (OTC) supports various modules and mods, so your client will look as you want. You can add multiple left and right panels or use OTC bot, for example. Read more.
Open Tibia Client

Free OTC Modules

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