open tibia server spoof expectations versus reality

Players Online Spoofing - how servers lie to get more players' attention

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We are the first OTS list that has custom algorithm for displaying servers.

All OTS Lists, unfortunately, rank servers by their players' online count. That creates a toxic environment for server owners because there is no way to check if the server is spoofing or not.

Our list doesn't rank your server higher by your players' online count to fight that toxic environment.

What does spoofing players' online count mean?

Spoofing players' online count means that the server sends false information on players' online count to trick new players, that there are more real players than the server actually has. Servers also use sophisticated spoofing techniques to have better spots on some ots lists.

Is spoofing in games something popular?

Unfortunately, due to excellent rewards (new players reach), most new servers decide to spoof their players' online count. Spoofing is not recommended and might get your server banned. However, it is hard to detect when it is done correctly. That is why our OT Serv List does not rank servers based on the players' online value.