How to send parcel in Tibia?

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Tibia was created back in 1997 by 3 students. Back then, they didn't know much about user experience or designing interfaces for humans. That is why simple tasks like sending parcels are not user-friendly.

Sending Parcels

In Tibia, you can send a parcel to another player or yourself. Therefore, it is advantageous when you want to send your loot bag and sell it later in the city.

To send a parcel, you will need:

  • Pracel TibiaParcel - Make sure that the parcel does not have a stamp on it when you pick it up from the ground.
    Parcels can be used only once!
  • Label TibiaLabel - One label can be reused over and over again. However, remember always to overwrite the contents (recipient). The label should be placed inside the parcel.
How to send parcel in tibia?

Both items can be purchased in any city that has a post office. The post office is almost always in depo, or close to it. Following NPCs sell parcels and labels:

  • Auron, Upper Roshamuul, west of the Depot
  • Benjamin, Thais Depot at Harbour and Main Street.
  • Chemar, Darashia Magic Carpet platform
  • Chrystal, In the west part of Edron castle, next to the depot entrance
  • Dove, Venore Depot
  • Ezean, Zao Rebel Camp
  • Fyodor, Upper Rathleton, in the post office
  • Gnomailion, Gnomegate, far to the south
  • Herbert, Liberty Bay depot
  • Jakahr, In the Ankrahmun Post Office west of the boat.
  • Kaya, Krailos depot.
  • Kevin, Postal Service Headquarters, at the Thaian-Venorean Road.
  • Liane, Carlin Depot at Central Street and Theater Avenue.
  • Lokur, In the Kazordoon depot
  • Murim, Farmine, south of depot.
  • Nelly, Eastern Svargrond, between depot and boat.
  • Ninos, Southwest of the Issavi depot.
  • Olrik, Post office, south of the depot in Underwood
  • Ray, Central part of northern Port Hope, first floor above Port Hope Depot.
  • Redward, Inner City in Yalahar, east of the depot and above the bank.
  • Robson, Robson Isle
  • Rock in a Hard Place, Central Gray Beach, on a mountain
  • Wally, Postal Service Headquarters, at the Thaian-Venorean Road.

Add everything to the parcel

  • Move all items to the parcel. The parcel has 10 slots, but one is wasted because of the label that has to be inside the parcel. However, you can send more items simply by adding a backpack or another container to the parcel.
  • Add the label to the parcel. Remember to have only one label per parcel. It is crucial. Make sure that you write the correct nickname inside the label.
How to send parcel in tibia?

Specifying the recipient in the label

  • Remove any text from label
  • Add the recipient name exactly on the first label's lane.
  • Optional: If you want to send a message, you can add that under the recipient name.
  • Place the label inside the parcel

Sending the parcel

  • Mailbox TibiaGo to any Mailbox. They are often placed at Depots, Guildhalls and sometimes on city streets.
  • Make sure there is nothing placed in the Mailbox. You can use the "Look" function to ensure you will "see a mailbox".
  • Drag and drop your addressed parcel at the Mailbox. It should disapear.

Common problems with parcels

There are several problems you might face. First, check if the label is in the parcel and the recipient's name is spelt correctly. Check if your recipient is on the same server (You can't send the parcel to another server). Then check if your parcel is not stamped, as stamped parcels cannot be sent.

Make sure you do not send too much through Tibia's mail system. For example, you cannot send more than 10 times to a single recipient within an hour, more than 20 times to anyone within 10 minutes, and 100 times within a day to anyone.

Make sure the mailbox you want to use is a standard mailbox. You cannot use "Royal Tibia Mail" or "Santa Mailbox" to send a parcel to another player.