How to sell Tibia coins?

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Cipsoft - the company that is developing an MMO game called Tibia that has grown into a classic game for many adults, especially in Poland and Brazil. For many years primary revenue source from the game was a premium account.

In June 2015, Cipsoft rethought its revenue possibilities. They announced on the page their upcoming feature "that will provide you with a more convenient way to enhance your Tibia experience through various products".

Long story short, they wanted to squeeze the lemon. Players are older, have more money and are willing to pay more for good time and fun. That was the day when Cipsoft announced Tibia Coins.

What are Tibia coins?

Tibia Coins are a currency that made it possible for Cipsoft to sell premium goods to players easier and faster.

The currency can be purchased through their website after logging in and navigating to your account management. You can find a box with the title "Products Available", where you can purchase anything Cipsoft offers.

Where can I buy Tibia Coins?

Can I sell all Tibia coins?

If you buy Tibia coins with the intention of subsequent sale, you must remember to purchase transferable tibia coins.

Unfortunately, if you bought non-transferable Tibia coins initially, you must wait 6 months to be able to transfer them to another player or sell them through the Tibia market.

Transferable Tibia Coins

How to sell transferable Tibia coins?

The easiest way of selling Tibia coins is selling them throught the Tibia's market.

Step 1: Log in to the game

When you are already in-game, go to the closest depo.

Step 2: Open Market and search for "Tibia Coins"

You will see actual buy and sell listings. You have to think if you want to sell your Tibia coins to a player who placed a buy offer or if you're going to create your selling listing. We believe it is better to make your selling listing, as players buy a lot of tibia coins on the market.

Step 3: Create a sell offer

Write in the input field how much money you want per 25 tibia coins (it is the minimal amount you can sell or buy on the market) and how much of your Tibia coins you want to sell. When you are ready, click

How to sell Tibia Coins?

Can you sell Tibia Coins on the black market for real money?

Cipsoft does not allow players to sell their Tibia Coins for real money. However, some players are doing it anyway.

Players sell their Tibia Coins on third-party sites like eBay or allegro. Many sites sell tibia coins for a lower price than Cipsoft. Remember that purchasing Tibia coins this way might get you into trouble and even banned.

Playing competitively in Tibia is not cheap

Nowadays, you can buy not only outfits and mounts with real money (aka Tibia coins) but also Exp Boosts, runes, and potions. The more money you have, the easier it will be for you to play.

It is way cheaper and more fun to play on Open Tibia Servers. Many are developing faster than Cipsoft's Tibia and have more to offer. Most importantly, it is cheaper to play competitively there.