OTC Exp Analyzer (Exp/h) Module

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This Exp Analyzer (Exp/h) module is published for free for our community. It adds experience analyzer to your OTC (otcv8 / mehah)

OTC Exp Analyzer (Exp/h) Module

How to install Exp Analyzer (Exp statistics) module for OTC.

Before downloading the module make sure that you have "analyzers.png" file in the following path: YourOTC/layouts/LayoutNAME/images/topbuttons/analyzers.png.

OTC Exp Analyzer (Exp/h) Button

If you don't have "analyzers.png" download it here. The next step is downloading exph OTC module and unpacking it in your /modules/ directory.

Below you can see in-game preview of the module. The preview uses basic retro OTC layout.

OTC XP Statistics module